About Me

This is how I look when I'm sitting on a chair.

Hi! I'm Lena Schnedlitz, a full-stack software engineer and UI/UX designer from Vienna. You can find me on GitHub, and LinkedIn.

Even though I've enjoyed Math and logic puzzles all my life, my journey into the world of web development wasn't exactly straightforward; after graduating from a Gymnasium with a strong focus on languages, I studied Pharmacy for a bit. But in the end, my love for computer science won and I got my bachelor's degree in Medical Informatics from TU Vienna. I even received a special award for my academic achievements!

I love to broaden my horizon and consider myself to be T-shaped. My previous employers helped me to refine my skill set:
At RISE, I learned how to develop »serious« web applications for the public sector. At durchblicker, I was able to get familiar with the requirements of modern startups. Last but not least, my time as a teaching assistant for Software Engineering and Project Management has taught me how to guide less experienced developers throughout the whole lifecycle of a software project.

I'm always looking for new challenges. Maybe you can help with that?

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